Darien Dog Walks
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Dog walks. Dog watching. dog services.

services for your dog(s)

These services are provided by a local, responsible student who has a nice dog of his own.

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dog walking

You can have up to three dogs being walked at a time. This is nice if you want a break from walking your dog, or if you are going to be out the house. You can inform me about any special instructions such as if your dog needs to go at a slow pace.

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If you want to get out of the house, or are leaving for a vacation, you most likely need someone to look after your dogs. I am a great choice for this, as I have experience taking care of my own dog. I will try my best to give your dogs the best experience possible.

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Dog Play-Dates

Did you know that socializing young dogs is crucial to their development? If they aren't exposed to other dogs, they may be more likely to misbehave and be hostile towards other dogs.  I strongly suggest that you pay for this, and help your dog develop properly.